The Royal family

1. King George III (1738-1820)

King George III was born on January 15, 1738. He died at noon on December 14, 1820. His father was Frederick Prince of Wales, who was known as the Old Pretender. George’s mother was Princess Caroline of Ansbach. Throughout his lifetime, he grew to become a tall man with a strong build. He was described as having a handsome face with brown hair and blue eyes. He had a scar on his right cheek called the Gouty Tendon. He was also said to have been quite intelligent. George married Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz in 1761. She was a member of the House of Mecklenburg. In 1762, they had their first child, Princess Augusta Maria. After her birth, she became ill and died soon after. In 1764, they had another daughter, Princess Elizabeth Amelia Frederica. In 1769, they had a son named William Henry. In 1771, they had another daughter named Mary Adelaide. In 1772, they had another son named Frederick Augustus. In 1776, they had a daughter named Charlotte Sophia. In 1779, they had another son, George Augustus Frederick Louis. In 1783, they had another daughter called Caroline Amelia.

2. Queen Victoria (1819 – 1901)

Queen Victoria was born on June 28, 1819. She died at 11:20 pm on February 10, 1901. Her parents were Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and Consort of Queen Victoria. She was the eldest child of the couple. She was raised in England. She was the only surviving child of the couple. On November 16, 1840, she got engaged to Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg Gotha. They lived together. Their first child was born on September 22, 1841. He was named Ernest Arthur Prinz von Preussen. In 1843, the couple had another child named Alfred Ernest Leopold. In 1844, they had a third child named Louise Alexandrine Auguste de Saxe-Cobourg. In 1846, the couple had their fourth child named Helena Victoria Feodora Albertina. In 1850, they had their fifth child named Marie Louise. In 1854, the couple had their sixth child named Beatrice Eugenie Luise. In 1860, the couple had their seventh child named Alice Pauline Victoria Alexandra Alberta Adelheid. In 1862, they had their eighth child named Leopoldine Christiane Emilie. In 1865, the couple had their ninth child named Berthe Caroline Johanna Alix. In 1866, they had their tenth child named Antonia Victoria Mary Cecilia. In 1870, they had their eleventh child named Alexander John Charles Edward. In 1873, the couple had their twelfth child named Marie Louise Wilhelmine Amalie. In 1875, they had their thirteenth child named Margaret Theresa Helena Victoria. In 1880, she gave birth to her fourteenth child named Louise Henriette Amalia Sophie. In 1886, she gave birth to their fifteenth child named Ernest Ludovicus Victorius Eugene. In 1888, she gave birth to another baby boy. He was named Albert Frederick Ernst Heinrich. In 1889, she gave birth to a girl. She was named Vicky May Victoria Helen. In 1893, she gave birth to twins. One of them was

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